Choose from several payment relief options, like modifying your existing home loan rate or negotiating forbearance with your lender for several months of no payment requirements.

Home Foreclosure Advisors works hand in hand to stop the foreclosure process by negotiating affordable loan modifications with most of the loss mitigation department from over 100 different mortgage lenders.
Home Foreclosure Advisors can help you communicate your hardship with your mortgage lender quickly because we have established relationships with most lending institutions already.
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Home Foreclosure Advisors will help you find foreclosed homes right when they hit the market!
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Home Foreclosure Advisors connects you with foreclosure prevention specialists who provide loan modification programs and improved payment plans that include lower mortgage payments monthly. Our foreclosure prevention company was founded with a mission to provide homeowners with best solutions available to help them keep their homes. Our team of real estate counsel, mortgage lenders and real estate brokers has come together in an effort to meet your entire mortgage financing and home modification needs. Whether you need a foreclosure bailout loan or questions answered regarding a Short Sale or Buying a Foreclosed Home, let our loss mitigation team help you make the best financial decision.
Whether you chose to modify your existing mortgage or utilize forbearance, Home Foreclosure Advisors' top priority is to help you stay in your home. With more affordable mortgage terms, a loan modification may provide you with quick payment relief, until you can get back on your feet.

If you want a fixed mortgage refinance loan and options for no payments for three to six months may create unrealized opportunities for your family to remain in the home, then talk to our reps today.. Even if the bank has notified you of the payment default, there are several options to reinstate you with your mortgage. We have been in the good position to help the majority of homeowners who looked to us to prevent a foreclosure.


Home Foreclosure Advisors will negotiate and mediate with current your mortgage company. In an effort to bring you current again, we can negotiate a deferred mortgage payment plan that adds to balance of your delinquent loan.

In most cases, the terms are stretched out to ensure that your new mortgage payment works with your budget in today’s economy with higher energy costs and lower wages.

Our team will negotiate forbearance agreements from 3 to 12 months. In most cases.

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As Wall Street continues to suffer crippling losses from the foreclosure crisis, the demand for home loan modifications is increasing for both banks and homeowners. Mortgage refinancing lenders are less likely to accept a loan modification if the housing market is seeing an increase in values.

Home Foreclosure Advisors offers foreclosure prevention solutions with loan modifications, reduced mortgage payment plans and forbearances in an effort to protect Americans from losing their home.

New Foreclosure Laws Passed by States are Reversing the Tide of Foreclosures



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Please take a minute and review all the information on this site if you are worried about losing your home or affording your existing mortgage.

It is imperative to know your rights as an American homeowner. We provide several proven solutions that will stop the foreclosure procedures and help you remain in your house legally.

California Company Launches Foreclosure Prevention Program for Military

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